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About Alliance Pallets of Chicago

Alliance Pallets of Chicago is a division of Alliance Forest Products, a leader in the industry who has been supplying a wide range of pallets and pallet services to businesses throughout the Midwest and Nationally.  Alliance Pallets of Chicago specifically focuses on supplying and servicing companies in the greater Chicago and Northern Illinois area . . . and do it better than anyone else!!  Our dedicated team maintains an ongoing effort to be a premier pallet supplier for the greater Chicagoland area.  In addition, we’re an active member of the National Wood Pallet and Container Association, the leading international association for our industry.  Alliance Pallets of Chicago is also an accredited business with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

We can provide a wide range of pallets in any size, shape, or quantity including GMA 48 x 40 spec pallets.  For shipping cargo overseas, Alliance Pallets of Chicago can provide Heat Treated wood pallets that meet all government requirements for ISPM-15 compliance including the IPPC stamp requirement.  Both new and used wood pallets can be Heat Treated and used for export shipping.


  • Wood Pallets in Hardwood or Pine
  • Custom Designed New Wood Pallets
  • Repaired / Recycled Used Wood Pallets
  • Combo and Reman Wood Pallets
  • Heat Treated Pallets for Export Shipment
  • GMA SPEC 48 x 40 Wood Pallets
  • Euro Block Pallets
  • Pallet Tops and Frames
  • Engineered Industrial Lumber
  • Dura-Stack 48 x 40 New Plastic Pallets
  • Built to Spec Custom Plastic Pallets 
  • New Corrugated Pallets 


  • Custom Pallet Design using PDS© Software
  • Heat Treating for Export Shipments
  • Staged trailer(s) for “Drop and Hook” Service
  • Scrap Pallet Removal / Recycling
  • Pallet Recovery for Pallet Rental Programs
  • Sustainability Initiatives for Scrap Pallets
  • Pallet Management Programs
  • Nationwide Pallet Network

We’re pride ourselves on being the “single source for all pallet solutions”.   Whether you’re shipping your products around the block or around the world, we can meet all of your shipping requirements.  Some of the industries we supply include grocery, agriculture, plastic, glass, printing, retail, chemicals, technology, along with many companies that manufacturer various lines of equipment and machinery.

Alliance Pallets of Chicago supports sustainability efforts by sending as little wood waste as possible to landfills.  Recycling initiatives include ongoing efforts to utilize, repair, reuse or recycle all used and scrap pallets and wood waste.  We also offer scrap pallet removal as an added service to our customers. 

In addition to supplying pallets and services to companies throughout the Greater Chicago / Northern Illinois area, Alliance Forest Products also has created a nationwide partner network of over 120 pallet manufacturers and recyclers.  This group of reliable, experienced professionals work with us as partners to supply and service our national accounts.