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Custom Wood Pallet Design

For custom wood pallet design, we use PDS (Pallet Design System ©) software licensed through the National Wood Pallet and Container Association. This software is a 3-D engineering tool created specifically for designing custom block and stringer wood pallets using new or recycled lumber.  PDS© is a multi-functional software instrument that serves as:

  • A Product Specification Tool
  • A Complete Analysis Tool
  • An Educational Tool
  • A Professional Design Tool

This software provides critical information and extensive analysis that enables us to expand the design capabilities, reduce labor / material costs, and prevent possible cargo damage.  It calculates, tests and measures each pallet design for stress, strength and capability.  PDS© analysis provides the following:< >Rates Lateral Collapse ResistanceProvides the Pallet Weight Produces Drawings and Prints in 3-D Generates drawings and prints in 3-DComputes Pallet Service Life (# of turns)(Click here to view a PDS© pallet drawing)

  • Rates Lateral Collapse Resistance
  • Provides the Pallet Weight
  • Produces Drawings and Prints in 3-D
  • Generates drawings and prints in 3-D
  • Computes Pallet Service Life (# of turns)
  • Calculates the Maximum Safe Load Capacity
  • Determines Support Conditions for Stacking
  • Identifies Deflection Limits When Racked
  • Calculates Total Lumber Volume in Board Feet
  • Assesses Load Distribution Impact (cargo footprint)

This complete analysis ensures that your cargo will arrive at its final destination fully intact and damage free. It also ensures safe transit through any automated handling systems. All new pallets can be Heat Treated for export shipment to meet all government ISPM-15 compliance for overseas shipments including the IPPC stamp requirement.