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New Wood Pallets

At Alliance Pallets of Chicago our primary goal is to provide options and solutions to meet all of your shipping requirements.  So, we offer a wide range of new pallets and skids built to your exact specifications or to meet a specific shipping requirement.  Pallets and skids can be built in virtually any size or shape, in any quantity from a wide variety of lumber species including hardwood and softwood. 

Pallets can be built in block or stringer type, to include 2-way or 4-way forklift entry.  Decking capabilities include flush, wing, inset, and a plywood or OSB full deck.  Additional custom treatments include notching, banding, stenciling, chamfering and materials for shock absorption.  We also supply new 48 x 40 GMA spec pallets and we can design heavy duty pallets for large or unique size cargo.  All new pallets and skids can be Heat Treated to meet all ISPM-15 federal requirements for export shipping including the IPPC stamp requirement.

For custom pallet and skid design, we use PDS (Pallet Design System ©) software licensed through the National Wood Pallet and Container Association.  This software provides critical analyses and information regarding a pallet’s capabilities to assure your cargo arrives at it’s final destination fully intact.   

If your pallets are currently UNDER-BUILT and fail:

  • It creates an immediate safety hazard that may result in personal injury
  • It increases the likelihood your cargo is going to get damaged
  • It indicates the pallet is either the wrong design or is too weak for the cargo weight

If your pallets are currently OVER-BUILT:

  • Your company is wasting money because the pallet has more lumber in it than is necessary

Basically, we can design the best pallet that meets all your shipping requirements . . .  at the lowest cost!! This may also reduce your annual pallet spend.  Let us provide a quote for you today and give us a chance to exceed your expectations!!

In addition to supplying companies throughout Greater Chicago, we have developed partnerships with over 120 pallet manufacturers and recyclers

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