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Plastic Pallets


Alliance Pallets of Chicago strives to provide “pallet solutions” to meet all your pallet requirements. So, in addition to wood pallets, we also offer new standard 48 x 40 plastic pallets when an alternative pallet material is required.  These pallets are commonly used in the grocery and agriculture industries primarily for the sanitary advantages and cleaning capability.


Vacuumed Formed Pallets Feature

  • Extensive durability,
  • Long service life
  • Weather resistant
  • Superior recyclability
  • Contoured surface to reduce cargo damage
  • Stackable, nest-able for stable & compact storage
  • Seamless interface with automated conveyor systems
  • 100% recyclable for reprocessing into other useful products
  • Nest ratios of up to 4.0:1
  • Lightweight for easy manual handling
  • Lighter weight reduces freight costs
  • Ergonomically designed, easy to clean

Mirror Image

This plastic pallet can be used both as a base pallet and a top cap for sleeve packs or tray packs. When used as a top cap, the legs interlock with the pallet beneath.

Standard Nine Leg

A standard base plastic pallet with nine legs for increased stability and strength.

Twin Sheet

Two sheets of heated plastic are vacuum formed into their respective molds, then pressed together, forming a sturdy bond along the perimeter and select points of the pallet. This process allows materials of different composition, thicknesses, and color to be fused, creating a sturdier, more attractive pallet.

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