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Used Wood Pallets

Alliance Pallets of Chicago can also supply used and repaired wood pallets as a cost-saving alternative for our customers.  Doing our part to maintain a “green” agenda, we offer the service of hauling out scrap pallets from various sources including from our own customers. These pallets are then sorted to determine how best to recycle them:

  • Some used pallets require no repair at all and are ready for resale
  • Used pallets requiring replacement of 2 deck boards or less are repaired for resale
  • Used pallets too damaged to repair are disassembled for the usable stringers & boards
  • Recycled lumber is used to repair used pallets and to build recycled (reman) pallets
  • Used wood pallets are structurally sound and can be Heat Treated for export

The 48” x 40” pallet is the standard and most common size for used pallets.  Based on the repairs needed, they’re ultimately graded or inspected to a classification called a #1 (A) pallet or to a #2 (B) pallet.  It’s not necessary to reference the size when ordering or requesting a quote for a #1 (A) or #2 (B).  Once you say these terms it's assumed that you’re referring to a 48" x 40" pallet.

Class 1 (Grade A) - Pallets where a few deck boards were replaced.  They may contain a metal plate(s), but no companion stringer repairs (plugs).  See below

Class 2 (Grade B) - Repaired pallets with one or two stringers repaired using plugs, notched blocks or longer companion stringers and will contain a mix of recycled deck board widths (i.e. 4” and 6”).


These are short un-notched blocks, typically between 4 and 18 inches long that may be used to repair a split stringer foot and between notches in notched stringers.  Both the #1 (A) pallet and the #2 (B) pallet are pictured below.




48 x 40 #1 (A)






48 x 40 #2 (B)

There is a plug, or a companion stringer on the #2 (B) pallet, that is positioned next to one, or more of the 2 x 4 stringers.  The existing stringer was damaged enough to where the structural integrity of the pallet was compromised.  Without the plug, the pallet can’t be used again.  However, by adding this plug (wood block) and nailing it into place, the pallet has been repaired for additional use.  The plug is circled in the picture below.




48 x 40 #2 (B) with plug

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