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Wood Pallet Recycling

Reman and Combo Pallets

Recycled pallets are yet another way that Alliance Pallets of Chicago can reduce your overall pallet costs while maintaining a commitment to the environment.  Recycled pallets are available in two forms:

  • Combo (Combination) Pallets: Pallets built from scratch using a combination of new and recycled lumber.  An example:  a pallet built using new lumber for the stringers with recycled deck boards.
  • Recycled (Remanufactured) Pallets: Pallets built from scratch using all recycled lumber.  Used pallets too damaged to repair, are disassembled and all the good lumber left over is used.

Both Combo and Recycled pallets can be ordered built to a custom spec, or a required type or size   At Alliance Pallets of Chicago our recycling efforts are ongoing so we can maintain our commitment to the environment.  Thus, offering these two pallet options enables us to do just that. The performance capabilities and availability are the same for both Combo and Recycled Pallets:

  • They’re structurally sound
  • They can be Heat Treated for export shipment to meet all ISPM-15 government requirements
  • They can be ordered built to any specific spec, size or type
  • They’re available in quantities large or small

So, if you’re shipping out products where you won’t get the pallets back, Combo and Recycled pallets may be a good cost-reducing alternative.  

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