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Pallet Removal Service

Pallet Removal Service

Today, waste stream management has become a major priority for many companies nationwide.  Their long-range objective is to reach 100% sustainability and that includes scrap wood pallets.  They’ve not only developed a focus on “green” but they’ve created entire departments for this very purpose with personnel titles such as Environmental Engineers, Environmental Health and Safety Leaders and Environmental Program Managers.  Their recycling efforts are closely documented, creating waste stream management reports that include tracking the amount of waste tonnage being recycled monthly.

At Alliance Pallets of Chicago, we strive to maintain a “green” agenda as well, by sending as little wood waste as possible to landfills.  Our recycling initiatives include efforts to utilize, repair, reuse or recycle all used wood pallets and skids.  Used pallets are obtained by developing scrap pallet removal programs as an added service for our customers.  In addition, used and recycled pallets provide a low-cost alternative for our customers.

Scrap pallet removals can be done either by “live load” at your facility or by staging a trailer and doing drop and hooks.  This is a process by which we drop a trailer in your dock for the scrap pallets.  Once the trailer is full, you would notify us.  Then we’d schedule to bring in an empty trailer, drop that one in your dock and hook up the full one and haul it out.  Every effort is made to recycle as many pallets as possible.

Alliance Pallets of Chicago is also an authorized pallet removal service agent for several of the larger pallet rental programs that currently operate nationally.  So, if you’re currently receiving shipments arriving on rental pallets, or your company comes into possession of rental pallets, we can accommodate you via our recovery and return program.

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